Following the hunting season, this page will be periodically updated with maps showing movements of the birds marked in New Jersey through the winter/spring of 2020.

Update 23 December 2019: A few woodcock are continuing to migrate south, with most migrating birds being captured at stopover sites (e.g., New Jersey).

Woodcock locations depicted in the map … In 2018, as part of a two-year study at 21 buildings in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, we observed a large number of American woodcock Scolopax minor collisions during two early spring snowstorms. Location: sc Posted February 11, 2019.

AWS/RGS The American Woodcock Society / Ruffed Grouse Society is pleased to once again provide the American woodcock migration mapping system, in a new, modernized format.

In the 1960’s we had the Space Race, in the 1990’s we had the computer race, and in the new Millennium we had the cell phone race. You may also want to compare woodcock presence with wind direction on information. Woodcock migration map Sign in to follow this . The American Woodcock Migration Mapping System.

Weather appears to influence collisions of migratory birds with human-built structures including buildings, but formal analyses are lacking. Or use the embedded map … A new race is underway, and that is the telemetry race, which Woodcock Limited has now entered by providing our first two telemetry units.

I have found that the wc migration map this year was a big benefit It is very interesting where they travel and the such.

However, some woodcock are still near pre-migratory sites in Rhode Island.

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Woodcock migration map.