Attacks on humans by wild animals causing fatal injuries are not uncommon in rural and forest areas of India. In the United States, four people have died from feral hog attacks since the late 1800s—three victims were attacked by a wounded boar while hunting. Boars Do “Mess with Texas.” Of the 21 (U.S.) states, Texas (24%), Florida (12%) and South Carolina (10%) each had the largest percentage of attacks in the United States sample. As the victims of boar attack are usually recovered from dense forest areas, the investigating officers could be misled as to the nature of infliction of these multiple, fatal penetrating injuries to a possible homicide. Wild boar also carry parasites known to infect humans, including Gastrodiscoides, Trichinella spiralis, Taenia solium, Balantidium coli and Toxoplasma gondii. Wild Pig Attacks on Humans.

This study compiled available data from 412 attacks over a 187-year period (1825-2012) involving 427 wild pigs and 665 humans. Short direct answer is no.

But death occurring due to attack by a wild boar is rare. Frequency data on both non-hunting and hunting incidents of wild pig attacks on humans at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina, showed quantitatively that such incidents are rare. Injuries to the upper abdomen and chest occured in one case. Given the opportunity, most feral hogs would flee rather than confront a nearby human. Sprem N, Skavić P, Dezdek D, Keros T. Croatia is a relatively safe country in regards to wild animal attacks and trauma to humans, even though there are a few reported cases of wild animal attacks on humans almost every year. Wild boar in southern regions are frequently infested with ticks ( Dermacentor , Rhipicephalus , and Hyalomma ) and hog lice . Lower extremity lacerations of up to 10 cm in length and 4 cm deep were seen in the 3 cases reviewed. In the study Wild Pig Attacks on Humans published in 2013, John J. Mayer of the Savannah River National Laboratory found that among the wild boar attacks reported, 70% of them occurred between 2000 and 2012, which is quite significant, to say the least. Key Words: attack, boar, feral hog, Sus scrofa, wild pig Proceedings of the 15 _____ Feral hog (also called wild hogs and wild pigs; Sus scrofa) attacks on people are rare and uncommon. Seventy percent of documented attacks occurred from 2000-2012. Attacks on humans by wild boar (Sus scrofa) are occasionally reported in rural areas of Turkey. The wild boar attack--a case report of a wild boar inflicted injury and treatment. April Is a Dicey Month. If a boar attacks you then something in his instincts has triggered the attack. While attacks on humans by wild pigs do occur, research showed that these events are extremely rare (Mayer 2013). January, October, April and November were the peak months (for wild boar attacks). While fatalities are rare, individuals may sustain significiant soft tissue trauma.