It was bred in the United States from 1885 from cattle Kankrej, originating in India, imported at various times from the United Kingdom, from India and from Brazil; these included Gir, Guzerá, Indu-Brasil and Ongole stock. Origin The Miniature Zebu, or Nadudana, is of the Bos indicus species.

The Brahman is an American breed of zebuine beef cattle. The exact time and place of their origin in India is not yet known. They are one of the oldest known cattle breeds, dating back as far as 3000 BC. In this post, you will discover more information about the history and origin of Brahman cow, physical characteristics, uses, and pictures. Zebu cattle are humped and belong to the Bos primigenius species of cattle. Origin of Zebu Cattle centre of domestication of cattle in the south. Zebu are humped cattle with their center (s) of origin in the Indian sub-continent from the earliest time and they sub- sequently spread to southeast Asia and Africa (Mason, 1969; Zeuner, 1963). They are native to India, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The name "Zebu" is derived from the Tibetan word "ceba", which means "hump". Miniature zebus, also known as Nadudana zebus, originated in South India and the island of Sri Lanka. The Guzerat, Nelore and the Gir had most influence over Zebu breeding. Miniature Zebu are a tropical breed and handle hot, humid climates very well. Miniature zebus are thought to be the only naturally existing miniature cattle. They actually have more sweat glands than European cattle breeds. History and Facts According to documented records dating as far back as 3000 BC, the breed itself originated in southern India and Sri Lanka in Asia. Miniature Zebu cattle are the world's smallest breed of miniature cattle and one of the oldest, dating back to 6000 BC. The name "Nadudana" is a Hindi word for "small cattle", as the breed was originally discovered in southern India.

The general feature of the cattle makes it look stunning and unusual when compared to other crossbreeds of zebu cattle. Zebu cattle originated in Southwest Asia and that their descendants were non-humped, they have evolved from three breeds of Indian cattle. Due to this tropical origin, the Miniature Zebu handles high temperatures well.