This list may not reflect recent changes (). The Ili pika is currently considered to be endangered, with approximately less than 1,000 left. Pages in category "Pikas" The following 37 pages are in this category, out of 37 total. After its discovery in 1983, it was not documented again until 2014. It primarily feeds on grasses and herbs. The Ili pika has low population densities. The Ili pika inhabits talus slopes at high elevations, usually from about 2,800 to 4,100 meters. The Ili pika(Ochotona iliensis) is a species of mammalin the family Ochotonidae, endemic to northwest China. Its population is declining, likely due to the effects of climate change. It is mostly a diurnal species, but may exhibit nocturnal activity. Almost nothing is known about the ecology or behavior of the species.

This species constructs haypiles and is a generalized herbivore.