A rogue seagull ripped off a man’s right testicle as he sunbathed naked in his back garden, it has emerged. The black coloration in eastern gray squirrels and fox squirrels is believed to both stem from a faulty pigment gene. Seagull is a type of sea bird. Pine squirrels (Tamiasciurus), like Douglas and American red squirrels, are larder hoarders who eat primarily tree seeds (pine cones); as well as other foods that they can find such as mushrooms, buds, catkins, flowers and berries, storing all of their food in a single location or midden (larder). They exist on the planet at least 30 to 33 million years. Experts say the fearsome bird mistook the man’s exposed privates as a couple of birds eggs and dropped in for a tasty snack. Besides islands and coasts, some species inhabit deserts and terrestrial habitats that are located far away from the water. I guess there are two big reasons for people not eating seagulls. One, you have to catch it yourself, since they aren't farmed (also there are laws, at least here in Norway, when and where you can hunt seagull). The men bit into raw animals at a vegan food market wearing T-shirts saying "Veganism = Malnutrition". Seagulls are very old creatures. Even among tree squirrels, the species matters as to the primary food source and storage strategy. A study published by FEBS Letters in 2014 demonstrated how a pigment gene missing a piece of DNA, can be a determinant of a eastern gray squirrel's coat. There are over 20 species of seagulls that can be found all over the planet (even on the Arctic and Antarctica). Squirrel Feces - Everyone who has ever dealt with a squirrel infestation in an attic or wall cavity will be very familiar with squirrel feces, and the range of different problems that can be caused by this small and relatively innocuous looking substance.