That's how people are conditioned, to sum you up and place you in the appropriate box.

“I think people are stressed about definitions,” they said. When it comes to non-binary identities it feels as though one is floating between two different extremes but … When someone comes out to you about their gender identity, be it as gender-fluid, non-binary, genderqueer, or using any other term, the fear of making a misstep is often there. I’m a trans man, but also genderqueer. "Genderqueer is about acknowledging that gender expression and identity is not binary, that there are more than just two genders," Jordan Miller, a grad student, told Slate in 2015. Non-binary along with Genderqueer people often feel that they can not relate to the experience of either gender.

Self-described gender identity: Non-binary femme, fluid, my own, ever-changing "There's a compulsion to categorize or label me, which I'll always reject. This is where you should give yourself a break … at least to a point, Malina says. they do not feel what a cisgender individual feels towards their gender. Clo, 23, from the US – who identifies as transmasculine, gender fluid, non-binary, and queer trans – says their family cannot accept them for who they are.

Nonbinary is a simple yet delightful word that means a person is not male or female; binary refers to those two genders, and the simple prefix non separates a person from that realm.

Here are some examples of gender expression.