A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. Enamel is the thin outer covering of the tooth. Under the enamel is the dentine.The dentine is softer than the hard enamel. A coating that dries to a hard glossy finish: nail enamel. See more. enamel definition: The definition of an enamel is a smooth and glossy covering. The color may vary from light yellow to a grayish white. Teeth help a person use their mouth to eat, speak, smile, and give shape to their face. Enamel definition is - to cover, inlay, or decorate with enamel. If you keep chewing on ice, you'll wear away the enamel on your teeth. The outside white part of teeth is called the enamel.The enamel is made of calcium phosphate and is very hard. So it is hurt more by tooth decay (cavities). Teeth blackening or teeth lacquering is a custom of dyeing one's teeth black. Unlike a broken bone that can be repaired by the body, once a tooth chips or breaks, the damage is done forever. The surface enamel is harder and less soluble and contains more fluoride than the underlying enamel and is very resistant to caries (q.v. Si sigues masticando hielo, se te desgastará el esmalte de tus dientes. A paint that dries to a hard glossy finish. Learn more. How to use enamel in a sentence. tooth enamel synonyms, tooth enamel pronunciation, tooth enamel translation, English dictionary definition of tooth enamel. Teeth clenching and grinding also wears down tooth enamel, so be sure to ask your dentist about teeth protection if you are prone to this. Most of the enamel consists of minerals, mainly hydroxyapatite. It covers the outer layer of each tooth and it is the most visible part of the tooth. Teeth become discolored because the enamel has worn away and the dentin is exposed; see dentin in yellow on the image below Tooth sensitivity can occur because the enamel is worn away both on the lip and tongue surfaces of the teeth and the dentin is a softer material than the enamel and is more sensitive to touch, air, … An object having such a coating, as in a piece of cloisonné. (to coat with varnish) a. esmaltar. Enamel also insulates the teeth from potentially painful temperatures and chemicals. • Dentin: A layer underlying the enamel. ‘Teeth form mainly from neuroectoderm and comprise a crown of insensitive enamel surrounding sensitive dentine and a root that has no enamel covering.’ ‘Fluoride can considerably benefit dental health by strengthening the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to … 5. Enamel definition: Enamel is a substance like glass which can be heated and put onto metal, glass, or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples