Greater kudu win the prize for the loudest alarm bark in the African antelope category! The velvet from the antlers has been collected and used in parts of Asia as an alternative or traditional medicine. West Indian manatee. The Giant Eland is found in Central Africa. 15. Horns are permanent and unbranched extension of skull of animals where the antlers are branched part made of dead bones. When alarmed, they make a sharp barking sound. We defineately are not interesested in poachers products. we present the unique species of the Sahara Desert. A unique animal, the Saharan Silver Ant (Cataglyphis bombycina), remains active for only 10 minutes a day.These creatures have longer legs than other ants and produce heat shock proteins before exiting their burrows. Spiral-horned antelope are quiet most of the time. Antlers are made of dead bone, and are shed and regrown again every year.

Antlers are covered with velvet which carries blood and nutrients to the antlers during development. Antlers.

Oct 20, 2013 - Explore Connie's board "Africa - Antelope Gazelle Deer" on Pinterest. Eland are social animals that live in herds of 25 to 70 animals. This makes it the biggest antelope in the world. They all have antlers and horns.

The antler sizes of elk can vary greatly between subspecies with the North American and Siberian elk having the largest. When these animals shed their antlers naturally, its very convenient because they are left behind, and the animal isnt harmed.

Cervids have pedicels, bony structures that support the antlers as they grow. Africa, the land with an abundance of different kinds and species of animals. Also, is is legal to bring them back to the US. Animal horns and antlers can be used for making antler lamps, antler chandeliers, knife handles, cane handles and in numerous other crafts. While there are many famous horned animals like Rudolph from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," Morty from "Northern Exposure," and Bullwinkle from "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends," many more of these majestic animals have been gathered to test your … Ram horns, kudu horns, gemsbok horns and sheep horns are used in making shofars and also many horn carving projects. Saharan Silver Ant.

Cabin / Man cave / Throne / Antler. Antlers are usually covered in a velvety growth as opposed to the hard keratin of horns. A very specialized insect native to Africa, the horn moth, “lays its larvae in the horns of these deceased animals,” Bergin says. Antlers grow on the Cervidae family of animals, such as moose, elk and deer. Among the many African animals with horns, the Giant Eland is also known for its stylish horns. Do you know what a reindeer, rhinoceros, deer and a mountain goat have in common? It has a body length of 220 to 290 centimeters. Deer and relatives of the deer, like the moose, have antlers; goats and antelope and relatives of the cow have horns.