All buffaloes belong to the Bovidae family, which includes creatures such as yak, wild and domesticated cattle and goats. However, argument exists over whether the latter can be considered a true species of buffalo. On the other hand, domestic water buffalo is further divided into two types based on differences in physical characteristics: river buffalo and swamp buffalo. The wild water buffalo (Bubalus arnee), also called Asian buffalo, Asiatic buffalo and wild Asian buffalo, is a large bovine native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.It has been listed as Endangered in the IUCN Red List since 1986, as the remaining population totals less than 4,000. Wild water buffalo of Asia has been declared as endangered species. Three species of buffalo exist: water buffalo, cape buffalo and American buffalo. Burmese wild buffalo: Burmese: pyaung, pyun also referred to as: the Burmese gaur (either Bos gaurus readai or Bos gaurus laosiensis) the Burmese bison; Myanmar: the wild buffaloes of Burma are a gaur subspecies (either Bos gaurus readai or B. g. laosiensis) that were reputedly domesticated animals (gayal or mithun) that became feral in swampy bush areas;