The red avadavat (Amandava amandava), red munia or strawberry finch, is a sparrow-sized bird of the family Estrildidae.

Isn't nature absolutely stunning? Purple Finch. Isn't nature absolutely stunning?

The Strawberry finch pair are also wonderful; the female is very vocal. Try to check some background as to where your birds may have originally come, so as to not have birds of the same genetic background. Female is dark brown, paler beneath, with white spotted wings and red rump. Red Avadavat: This small, active finch native to South Asia is bright red overall with small white spots, brown wings, black tail with red upper tail coverts, black lores, white crescent below each eye, red bill, and pink legs and feet. Year Round.

Strawberry Finch.

It is a member of the estrildid-finch family Estrildidae, which is sometimes considered a subfamily of Passeridae. 17 talking about this. Evening Grosbeak. Red Avadavat - Excellent photos of males, females, and juveniles (use the "Next" button to advance through images). Strawberry-Finch-Bird With so many stunning bird species out there, they never cease to amaze with their wide range of colors, sizes, and other traits. The red covers the chest, belly, throat, parts of the head, and the backside. The Finch Farm offers categories of birds for African finches for sale, Australian finches for sale, South American birds for sale, parakeets and parrots for sale. In my aviary, there are plenty of cuttle fish bone ( 99 cents /7 pieces from China in Ebay including shipping cost). I breed strawberry finches. Birds, in particular, are nature's most beautiful works of art.

During breeding season, the male is a mixture of brown and deep rich red with a red beak. Finch are tiny as birds go, but for physical and emotional health, they need sufficient territory. This is one species that we need to keep an eye on for their gene pool. Wikipedia Article General The Red Munia, Red Avadavat or Strawberry Finch (Amandava amandava) is a sparrow-sized bird of the Munia family. Their natural range stretches from the Indus valley of Pakistan to the plains of the Brahmaputra extending south to the peninsula of India.

It is found in the open fields and grasslands of tropical Asia and is popular as a cage bird due to the colourful plumage of the males in their breeding season. Birds, in particular, are nature's most beautiful works of art. Load Range Map.

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Finches of New England.

Red Avadavat Images. The Strawberry Finch - Photos, song audio clips, and experiences from a keeper of strawberry finches. ORDER: Passeriformes FAMILY: Fringillidae. Learn interesting facts about New England finches. I have figured out a breeding trigger for them that is missing from most aviaries. Hoary Redpoll. Wild owl finches. Join our email list The Cornell Lab will send you updates about birds, birding, and opportunities to help bird Feeds on insects and … The Strawberry Finch Is The Most Adorable Little Swallow You'd Ever Have Seen. Cock singing (.mp3, .6 MB) Hen's calling noises (.mp3, .2 MB) Audio clips from other sites: Cock's song from the Finch Stuff Calling noises from the Finch Stuff Pictures If you keep this species and have a photo of your birds to share, please submit your photo for possible inclusion on this site! Availability: Becoming uncommon. Some of them have intricate and stunning plumage that can be compared to a fruit or a berry.