Show Per Page : Baby Bearded Dragons. Water Dragon babies, if interested please ring Andrew on 0414645180... Mountain Dragon\'s. In store Only. Catalogue Methodique de la Collection des Reptiles. They are a large species growing to a total length of 15-24 inches when adult. Species ID Suggestions Sign in to suggest organism ID.

Southern Angle-Headed Dragon (Caresheet) CAPTIVE HUSBANDRY As arboreal lizards, Southern Angle-Headed Dragons (Hypsilurus spinipes) need an enclosure which is higher rather than wide.A cage around 60cm wide, 40cm deep and 90cm high would be ideal for a male and one or two females.

Juvenile Southern Angle Head forest dragons for sale.

roughly 6 weeks old.

Gorgeous little hatchling, feeding well on live crickets.

Southern Angle Head Dragons- Juveniles. [90]. 4213, Queensland, Australia.

Spotted on Jan 4, 2011 Submitted on Jan 13, 2012.

$100 each and discount for multiples.

WildNet taxon ID 551 Synonym(s) Hypsilurus spinipes Gonocephalus spinipes Gonyocephalus cristipes Lophyrus spinipes Alternate name(s) southern rainforest dragon The spines and skin flaps found in this species are even more exaggerated in a close relative, the Boyd’s forest dragon (H. boydii) found in the tropical rainforests of far northern Queensland. iv 224 pp. If you are interested in reptiles pop into our Reptile Shop … Habitat: Springbrook NP, QLD Australia. Regular Price: $220.00 .

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Need an enclosure for your Southern Angle Headed Dragon?Call in to Waterlife Aquarium and Reptile Supplies and we will help you choose the right enclosure for your pet and set it up for you. Spotted for Missions. Call For Price. In store Only. The Blue Spiny Swift is also known as a Blue Fence Lizard, males have a blue under belly when breeding. (1851).

Lizards for sale online at discount prices.

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Southern Angle Headed Dragon. They inhabit deserts, shrub lands and rocky hillsides from Texas to Mexico.

In store Only.

Buy lizards online from xyzReptiles with Overnight Shipping and Live Arrival Guarantee! Species ID Suggestions Sign in to suggest organism ID.

& Dumeril, A. Spotted by ACAL.

Rightmove has over 800,000 properties for sale throughout the UK, giving you the UK's largest selection of new build and resale homes. We also stock a huge range of enclosures, heating and lighting, live and frozen foods and all the accessories needed … Hatchling Angle Headed Dragons for sale. No Comments Sign in to comment.

2 year old male bearded dragon for sale, sadly we have relocated to a smaller property and cannot give him the space he needs.

They also prefer a more humid home rather than a dry desert environment. 2474, New South Wales, Australia. Sand fire red bearded dragons .

Spotted on Nov 21, 2011 Submitted on Jan 17, 2012 . Bearded Dragons are found only throughout Australia. Reptiles of the World . Paris : Mus. 16 Southern Angle-Headed Dragons for sale.

Basic Wildlife License and terrarium required.

Reptilevet New Member. We have a robust selection of captive bred as well as handpicked imported exotic lizards including iguanas, geckos, tegus, chameleons, monitor lizards, bearded dragons and more.

Discount available for multiple purchases.

Hi, Southern Angle Headed Forest Dragon Juveniles Available all eatting, shedding and growing extremely fast. If you are buying Angle Head Dragons make sure you check out our range. … Large range of lizards enclosures for sale and lizard tanks for sale. freight available $100 Tags : Angle Head Forest Dragon Baby Juvenile Lizard Boyds Southern Angle Headed Dragon. Southern forest dragons are also known as angle-headed dragons because of the shape of their head. southern angle-headed dragon Type reference Dumeril, A.M.C. Nat. 3-5 months old. $150.00.

We also freight lizards to most parts of Australia. Southern Angle Headed Dragon; More Views.
Beaded Geckos. Angle Headed Dragons for sale. This animal is used for Wilbur's Wildlife event displays. We have plenty of lizards in stock all year round so feel free to contact us to see exactly what is available for sale. Reptilevet, Sep 12, 2017 #1.

Availability: In stock. This animal can visit your location for a presentation.

Lovely boy, loves being handled and enjoys a bath. … Discussion in 'For Sale (Lizards & Monitors)' started by Reptilevet, Sep 12, 2017. Spotted by ACAL. No Comments Sign in to comment. The IUCN red list considers the southern angle headed dragon to be a least concern species.
Southern Angle Headed Dragon.

Special Price $195.00 .

Blue Spiny SwiftSceloporus serrifer cyanogenysPrices from £64.99. $50 — Dragons — 05-11-2012. All healthy and eating well.

Will come with UV lamp, heat lamp, food bowl, plenty of climbing materia Age Age: 2 years; Ready to leave Ready to leave: Now; £150. Hist. Be the first to review this product.