This is where the famous "muttley laugh" came from... this animated series began in 1965, three years before muttley was created. View discussions in 11 other communities. Both Snuffles (Quick Draw McGraw) and Precious Pup (Precious Pup) did that.

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He did it whenever he got a medal, which was what he always held out for when Dick Dasterly gave him an order. 1:24. Virologist. 0:05. another vid of my precious pup by shadowwolfaccalia. …

Sep 28, 2014 - precious pup cartoon youtube - Google Search, loved his laugh!! 91% Upvoted. The cartoon featured a large mangy dog named Precious Pupp and his owner Granny Sweet. Did you know - Don Messick ... Vintage Cartoon Make Me Smile Disney Characters Fictional Characters In This Moment Comics Cartoons Memories Tv. Sort by. It's exciting when we receive a present, whether it's one we anticipated for a birthday, Christmas, or other occasion. Precious Pupp 1965 Intro Opening You Precious Pupp Laugh Mp4 You Precious Pupp 1965 You Precious Pup Intro You Precious Pupp 1965 Animated Series The Cartoon Sb Precious Pupp 1965 Animated Series The Cartoon Sb Precious Pupp 1965 Animated Series The Cartoon Sb Muttley Laughing … Play. 586 comments. Fullscreen.

Muttly would refuse to obey unless he was promiced a medal. Precious Pup by Grayling Dennis. 0:00. best. Printer-friendly format Email this thread to a friend Bookmark this thread: This topic is archived. 2 years ago | 3 views. Follow. This poor little guy is so unintentionally funny. Playing next.

Precious puppy challenges larger Doberman dog. Only 26 episodes were produced. Muttly did it, too, but not because of dog bones/doggy treats.

The dog was a clever, yet non-speaking Afghan dog. by Kristin Danley 1/2/2018 . But it's even more exhilarating when we receive a gift for no reason at all.

Precious Pup Cartoon Laugh.

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0:18. precious pup at walker by CharlieDogPennyCat.

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0:03. He is the foil to the cartoon villain Dick Dastardly, and appeared with him in the 1968 television series Wacky Races and its 1969 spinoff, Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines. Left Me Laughing Out Loud Too Cute For Words! share.

He had a habit of slipping behind a victim quietly---sometimes in defense of their home, sometimes just for the fun of it---and jolting him with a … Precious Pupp is a segment first broadcast as part of The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show. 1. Sep 28, 2014 - precious pup cartoon youtube - Google Search, loved his laugh!! Stay safe and healthy. Report. Precious pupp 1965 precious pup intro.

by Tony Brittan. November 20, 2018 0 reza. People also love these ideas. Posted by 10 days ago. 1:13. Saved by Summers & Clark.

He chuckles in a "wheezing laugh" almost exactly like Muttley…

The dog always outsmarts his enemies. Internet Laughing Over Precious Pup's Response To New Bed. Puppy Play Puppy Love Baby Dogs Doggies Cute Pupies Puppy Barking Little Dogs Small Dogs.

Granny was a kindly woman with a passion for motorcycles, completely oblivious to the fact that her beloved, affectionate pet was something of a neighborhood terror. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to … He lived with his owner, Granny Sweet. 55.2k.
Pinterest. Their laughs are too precious.

0:26. The character is known best for his mischievous, wheezing laughter. Muttley is a fictional dog created in 1968 by Hanna-Barbera Productions; he was originally voiced by Don Messick. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. level 1. 8:25.

Playing next. Their laughs are too precious. 1:47. This precious Heeler puppy tries to scold his hiccups away. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. save hide report.

Precious puppy challenges larger Doberman dog.


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Best snickering laugh -- Mutley or Precious Pup? Too Cute!