What does the horn of salvation mean?

In the beast of Revelation 13, the horns represent America’s two governing principles: civil and religious liberty. The “ten horns” represent the governments, or nations, that support the major powers in their oppression of God’s people and church.

Das Horn, früher meist als Waldhorn und in der Orchesterliteratur auch als corno bezeichnet, ist ein Blechblasinstrument aus Messing oder Goldmessing mit mehrfach kreisförmig gewundenem Rohr. This title only occurs in one Bible verse but a lot of meaning is attached to it. KJV Dictionary Definition: horn horn. Horns are strong, they are used for annointing, for calls to battle. And the absence of crowns signifies a republican form of government. I seem to be answering my own question, however, there seems to be a development of the horn in the Bible, especially in the beasts in Daniel 7 & 8. They serve for weapons of offense and defense. Horn : The word "horn" is often used metaphorically to signify strength and honor, because horns are the chief weapons and ornaments of the animals which possess them; hence they are also used as a type of victory. Learn more. 1. —The symbolism of the horn comes from Psalm 132:17, where it is used of the representative of the House of David, and answers to the “Anointed” of the other clause of the verse.It originated obviously in the impression made by the horns of the bull or stag, as the symbols of strength. But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil. During pagan Rome’s tenure (Revelation 12:3, 4), they represented the 10 barbarian tribes that supported the papacy in eventually bringing down the Roman empire (Daniel 7:23, 24). In ancient cultures, the horn was a metaphor for physical strength or spiritual power (Deut 33:17; 2 Sam 22:3; Ps 18:2).

horn definition: 1. a hard, pointed, often curved part that grows from the top of the head of some animals, or the…. In his “Exposition of the Bible,” John Gill illustrated the horn as being the force used to push, scatter, and destroy Israel’s enemies and save them from harm.

Horn. HORNS OF THE ALTAR (qare-noth ha-mizbeach): 1. (69) Hath raised up an horn of salvation. Charakteristisch für das Horn bzw. The horns of the altar are mentioned on three other occasions in the Old Testament. See ALTAR.. Many times the horn represents power or strength...for instance, "The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. 69. horn of salvation—that is "strength of salvation," or "mighty Salvation," meaning the Saviour Himself, whom Simeon calls "Thy Salvation" (Lu 2:30). A hard substance growing on the heads of certain animals, and particularly on cloven-footed quadrupeds; usually projecting to some length and terminating in a point.

In the Bible, the horn is a term for power as well as a symbol of it.

It may also mean honor.