They reach up to about 5 inches. Dermestid larva and beetles Qt 500. Joined Sep 24, 2015 Messages 4,551. Since they like to hide in tree holes, you should provide something that mimics this so they can feel at home. Photo taken by Mark Hart. Its a good beginner species that is aboreal. They start off as blue babies and as adults they are green, purple and pink. I do like to handle my Tarantulas, so I'm probably going to stick with Avicularia sp. Species Care "Sheet" First attempt. And I believe that it was because I was more focused on making sure it stayed humid, like it’s environment in the wild, than I was attending to there being enough ventilation. To begin with, Avicularia purpurea shares its appearance with a lot of other members of the Avicularia genus.

Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula Avicularia versicolor $49.99. So far i'm one into the hobby, looking to get another but this time instead of purchasing a juvy, i'm looking for a sling. Enclosure (only) medium terrestrial. Avicularia purpurea (Purple Pinktoe) As adults this gorgeous species has a purple-blue metallic iridescence to it. This tree spider is a beautiful furry species that is dark black to metallic gray overall with deep violet to reddish hues to the abdomen and leg hairs. $9.00. Tarantulas (95) ... Caribena (ex. This well-tempered beauty is an excellent choice for any collector. (Avicularia avicularia) by Jon Fouskaris. They are a beautiful and fuzzy tarantula; a deep metallic blue with a black abdomen and reddish-purple hairs. I use cross-ventilation (holes in the side of the enclosure, not in the lid). This species of pinktoe tarantula, known simply as the Pinktoe Tarantula, is common, docile, beautiful, and can be speedy. How to Care For an AVICULARIA VERSICOLOR. Avicularia avicularia (Linnaeus/1758), also known as the “Common pinktoe”, “South-American pinktoe”, “Guyana pinktoe tarantula” and “Pinktoe tree spider”, is a beautiful bird spider due to its hairiness and coloration from Central- and South-America.Avicularia is without any doubt the most famous arboreal genus from South-America, with Avicularia avicularia on top. Avicularia avicularia - Pinktoe .75 inch This is a common tarantula in the hobby.

Please let me know if I've missed something or if something is incorrect. Avicularia purpurea $99.99. Starting off as fuzzy purple spiderlings, you will watch it change a little with each molt as it develops into a regal adult. Grey/blue with little pink toes as adults :) They reach up to sizes of about 5 to 6 inches. Okefenokee Giant Fishing Spider Dolomedes okefinokensis $39.99. Avicularia versicolor - Versicolor This is a fairly common tarantula in the hobby. Add to cart. Enclosure (only) large arboreal/fossorial.