If you guinea pig lives inside, keep them in separate rooms away from each other. Two guinea pigs found dead at Salisbury home of ex-spy while a cat needed to be put down Haroon Siddique and Luke Harding Fri 6 Apr 2018 09.05 EDT First published on Fri 6 … You may find that cats are scared of guinea pigs when they are out of the cage. I have two guinea pigs 3 dogs and on kitten my cat almost ate my hamster but is fine with my guinea pigs because they are bigger and my dogs did the same so i would let them play in the same room for a little bit and if thing get too rough take the guinea pigs and put them up let them calm down and then do it again. Our cat was indoor and well fed, and only went out on a leash. Let both animals become at ease in their own home. 3.Let them acclimatize. Cats, dogs and guinea pigs can accept one another, but any interaction, throughout their lives, needs to be firmly supervised. Thankfully, quality commercial guinea pig pellet mixes are easily accessible at most pet supplies retailers.

The foundation of a proper guinea pig diet calls for pellet food. Demand justice for these innocent animals. Once they see that the guinea pig cant get to them they may be tempted to swipe at them which is why a top on the cage is a good idea. Female guinea pigs will have what looks like a tiny grain of rice. Two daily servings of pellets are ideal for keeping your pet healthy and lively. These foods are balanced specifically to meet the needs of guinea pigs as a species. May 7, 2006 #8 maverick_kitten TCS Member. Top Cat. I have a cat, and our lovely guinea pig of 7 years recently passed RIP Sydney.

Keep cat toys or possessions away from the guinea pig’s home.

Depends on the hunt/prey drive on your cat, and your relationship between YOU and your cat. Let them acclimatize in their own area. Guinea pigs move very fast, and you can’t blame a cat or dog for instinctively reacting to a guinea pig running away.

Female guinea pigs need to stay with their mother for four weeks. That, and that the cat shouldn’t be scared of the guinea pig. Let the cat come close and sniff the guinea pig a little bit. 0 0 1. A kitten and a guinea pig died and more animals suffered after their owners allegedly neglected and abandoned them.
Remember; the cat is going to pick up a few behaviors from you, so if you indicate that the guinea pig is not a threat, then the cat will feel the same. According to reports, a dog was dangerously malnourished and a mother cat and three kittens were in poor condition. Male guinea pigs will appear to have a white ring in their genital area. So yes, after this horribly long post, the final jist is: Yes, cats and guinea pigs can definately get along, and in fact can be great friends! Don’t allow the cat to dwell close to the guinea pig’s home. Guinea pigs need: Keeping with at least one other friendly guinea pig, unless advised otherwise by a vet/clinical animal behaviourist.Good combinations include: neutered male and one/more females, two females, neutered brothers (if they've been reared together). Until then,keep the guinea pig in a closed cage so that it is safe. During the introductory phase, you will want to hold the guinea pig.

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