The Lesser Bushbaby, also called Senegal Bushbaby (Galago Senegalensis), is a monkey that feeds at night mainly on insects which they locate by sound. They are capable of leaps of remarkable distance between trees. The adorable galago with large eyes and ears seems to be enjoying the petting, allowing its owner to groom under its chin and scratch its head. The tail part of the creature is darker than the rest of the fur and is not very bushy when considered to the other parts of the body. The Senegal bushbaby (Galago senegalensis), otherwise known as the Senegal galago, lesser galago or lesser bush baby, is a primate, member of the Galagidae family. Lesser bushbaby mothers initially shelter their offspring in a nest or tree hollow, later on concealing the infants in foliage while they forage at night. ... Senegal bushbaby, G. senegalensis; Galago matschiei group Dusky bushbaby, G. matschiei; Genus Galagoides, western dwarf galagos.
They are on average 16cm long, with a 23cm long tail and weighing around 250g. The Lesser Bushbaby, known to scientists as Galago moholi, is a small, tree-dwelling primate active by night. A pet Bushbaby would be out of the cage often interacting with their families and would not require a very large cage if they have daily access to the home. Share. Price $1,000. Comes with accessories and papers. For more info and pics Text or call at 339-970-9126 Similar Advertising. A tiny bushbaby has been captured on video while being groomed with a toothbrush. Bush Baby … The bush baby also refers to a myth that is used to scare children to stay indoors at night. Pet Animals. Message. If interested please email us with your previous pet experience and contact information. Range: Africa: Senegal to Somalia and Tanzania.

Bush baby pet factors. They are considered to be a medium-size species with a body length of 15 cm and a tail length of up to 23 cm. “Urine washing” refers back to the strategy of wetting their palms and toes with urine, rubbing them collectively, and leaving smelly foot and handprints all over the place. In some species, such as dwarf galagos (Galago demidoff group), the day-sleeping nests may be shared by groups of females or occasionally by visiting males. At times they may venture on the ground, when they walk either on their hind legs or on all fours.

Just like any other home pet. Report. 521-093-3123. Habitat: Savanna, bush, woodland. Tail: 7 3/4 - 11 3/4 in (20 - 30 cm). Senegal Bush Baby Natural History. Goes with kids so much , Litter box trained , De wormed and with no health issue . View Contact. Male Lionhead Rabbit . They also inhabit some nearby islands, Zanzibar among them. Prince Demidoff's bushbaby, Gs. Published 30+ days ago. Besides large ears, they also have large eyes for night vision. This is a small primate, measuring up to 13 cm (5 Inches) without the tail and weighing 300 g. Habitat and Distribution. Size. I know they can be kept as pets cos I know someone with a pair BUT he does have a DWA license so unsure if they fall under that or not. Very friendly and amazing . kumbirensis; Thomas's bushbaby, Gs. Other Pages. Their sense of smells are nice because of their being nocturnal creatures, so scent indicators are a big part of their standard communication strategies. It has physical similarity to Senegal bushbaby and they differ mainly in their biology and their design. For a display or breeding bushbaby they would require a larger cage if they are not allowed out. Breed Bush Baby. Lesser Bushbaby. Size: Body: 5 1/2 - 8 1/4 in (14 - 21 cm). 07/04/2020 Pet Type: Exotic animals Animals Sale. They prefer areas of dry forest and bush, and savannah regions. This would allow them to get the physical and mental exercise they need. Senegal bush babies live in Africa, south from the Sahara, from Senegal in the west, through the savanna and open woodland of Africa, to Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia in the east and Kenya and Tanzania in the south. The hinds legs are used for jumping (like a kangaroo), they are longer and more powerful than their front legs. He is docile for a fennec, and will let you pet. Freely Contact Premium Listings. USDA Licensed .
More active and lively than its relative the greater bushbaby, this species moves with great agility in the trees and hops and leaps with ease. Location Columbus, OH, USA. Seller Graverson. This species inhabits dry woodland and savannah regions of Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone and Senegal. Ad ID 64002. They can be found in the forested and bushed areas south of the Sahara of Africa. demidovii; Angolan dwarf galago, Gs.