A series of new operator leaks being shared online reveal that Y5S2 could bring Norwegian attacker Odin and South African defender Philisiwe to Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six Siege gameplay leak shows potential Splinter Cell crossover It looks like we might have got our first look at two Rainbow Six Siege new … To learn more about Operation Chimera and Outbreak, head to www.rainbow6.com/chimera. Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass leaks, only 6 operators coming. Rainbow Six Siege leaks two Y5S3 and S4 operators There has been some speculation that Rainbow Six Siege will get a Splinter Cell character, and it seems to be the closest we'll get to the new Splinter Cell game. With the release of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Steel Wave imminent, a new wave of leaks has revealed a lot about what Ubisoft has in store for year 5. Rainbow Six Siege: Steel Wave's TS patch fixes Ace's SELMA. Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 2 Leaks MobiTuner.

According to a post on the official subreddit, Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming patch will make signficant balancing changes to five operators.

Rainbow Six Siege's Y5S2 is drawing closer and the community has already uncovered operator leaks pointing at the upcoming season's roster additions. Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Leaks. Rainbow Six Siege’s Final Two Y5 Operators Leak, Splinter Cell Crossover Likely. Rainbow Six Siege leaks Echo's Elite set trailer With the Rainbow Six Siege community raring to have a go at Operation Steel Wave, a number of leaks popped up teasing incoming content. The event, which might be titled Gang Destruction, is ostensibly a three-player co-op mode set on old Hereford Base. Concept art of the operators and information about their weapons leaked over the past few months and it was accurate, yet again, when it comes to the new operator gear that Siege's next expansion is adding. Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 2 Leaks . Rainbow Six: Siege will be adding two new operators in its next season, but crucial details about both characters may have already leaked. While details on Rainbow Six Quarantine remain confined to its one-minute teaser trailer, tidbits continue to surface through reputable third-party leaks. Rainbow Six Siege Leak Reveals Tons of Upcoming Content. However, newly-discovered leaks regarding Y5S2 suggest that developer Ubisoft has something much more controversial planned for season two. A few leaks regarding Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 3 & 4 have surfaced, further confirming a rumored Splinter Cell crossover. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to online leaks spilling the details for future content update.