Thank you for Visiting. Caramel Burmese Python. CV Exotics breeds and offers the best and widest range of exotic boas and ball pythons in the Hampstead NH Area. I don't know if anyone has this saved anywhere but I'm really interested in the clutch ratios from the double het. Caramel burmese python info wanted! gallery photo posted by Sharkman20: Welcome to's Other Python Classifieds. This section is for posting wanted and for sale advertisements for any and all color phases and morphs of Pythons that doe not have their own category, such as Burmese, Blood, Rock Pythons, Childrens Pythons, Scrub and Bar Neck Pythons, Ringed Pythons and Womas. With caramels or T+ animals some dark pigment can be produced. Here you will find information regarding the feeding, housing, and breeding of these animals. Caramels are a form of albinosim.
I'm offering a 2016 Granite male 66% het Caramel Green for $475. We will also include a section dedicated to the many color and pattern … Below are a few commonly used names for animals that display a much different look then traditional heterozygous animals. You can potentially make your own with this pair I have available, along with Caramel Greens, Caramel Granites, and Caramel Green Granites which have yet to be produced. t+t- pairings.

Caramel Burmese pythons are one of the rarest and most desired Burmese python morphs.
For more information about morphs and husbandry of Burmese pythons please visit Burmjunkies Burmese Pythons are a restricted species in the state of Louisiana and require a permit and home inspection for ownership. The number of areas with dark pigments is significant reduced. Source: Facebook. We also work with local breeders to offer the most amazing corn snakes, fat tail geckos and chameleons. We also breed our own Western Hognose, leopard geckos, bearded dragons and crested geckos just to name a few. Welcome to World of Burms, an online resource for Burmese python owners. In true albinos or T- animals there is a total lack of black pigment. The babies start out with light brown/caramel blotches on a tan background. Caramel Carpet Pythons are characterized by the fact that they have a total, as the name suggests, a Caramel-brown appearance compared to Normal-colored animals, with different bronze and gold tones. Caramel Burmese python morphs are named so because their scales entirely lack the bold black color of traditional Burmese pythons – leaving behind a softer, low contrast combo of gorgeously rich brown and buttery tan … Production Reptiles Het Caramel Burmese Python x Caramel Burmese Python. These animals change drastically in color from hatchlings to adults. While these are not stand-alone, genetically proven morphs, the patterns and colors can be reproduced to a degree with specific breedings. I know know Jason Hornman, Bob Clark, Gulf coast and others have all done those breedings, and gotten a lot less caramels than expected, and a lot more albinos than expected. World Of Burmese Pythons.