Watch. Southern Sport Mods must run Hoosier 500 race tire with IMCA stamped on side wall. 4 watching. Are they good? Enter promo code 2YEARS during registration We are celebrating 2 … Tire rule - American Racer G60 KK704 or Hoosier IMCA stamped G60. Was: Previous Price $179.43. We can run American Racer tires with IMCA stamped on them. In addition to offering all of the above at the shop and in the store, Dirt Track Supply also has a 36-foot enclosed trailer for trackside service in eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota. Three weeks before season, I bought a Street stock and am letting my hobby stock set. Speedway Deluxe 110 Volt/250 Watt Tire Grooving Iron Tool. I like the american racer rear tires because the place around us is cheaper. Midwest Modifieds battle for $400 to … A long-time tire guy himself, Dustin keeps a close eye on what racers do to their tires and how it reacts. I see everybody does it. He’ll address tire AMERICAN RACER 28.5/11.0-15 TIRE. Celebrate 2 Years of RaceKnowHow! What tool do you use? Today and tomorrow you can get your yearly subscription for special DISCOUNT PRICING. Tire rule-American Racer G60 KK704 or Hoosier IMCA Stamped G 60.Grooving & Siping Allowed on either tire….. Southern Sport Mods must run Hoosier 500 Race Tire,with IMCA stamped on side wall.. UMP B MOD - Must have 60 on rear Payout 1) $1200 2) 550 3) 320 4) 270 5) 260 6) 250 7) 240 8)220 9) 220 10) 200 11) 180 12-20) 160 FAST Shipping, Free Returns, Expert Tech Support. In this article we provide some practical ways to soften tires. Anyone running these American Racer G60 non-stamped IMCA tires on their Hobby Stock? Grooving and siping allowed on either tire. Tires can be hard and dry, decreasing their ability to grip the road or track. Brand: American. $161.49. $40.14. I realize there are thousand+ ways, I just need a good starting point and was hoping someone could help. racer17j Dirt Forum Champ Total posts: 5390 posted October 09, 2004 10:13 PM I got three used and 1 new. With so many new race teams making their maiden voyage to the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the World Short Track Championships, we thought it was important to provide some air pressure guidelines for this event. $17.35 shipping. 5 out of 5 stars.

There are several products on the market but they can be expensive. Top Rated Plus. Race Tire Scribe Tool. Saturday, January 18, 1:00 – 2:00 PM (Room 1) TIRE PREP – Dustin Leverknight of American Racer Tire (Northeast Distributor- Lias Tire of Indiana, Pa.) is an expert on race tires! What size blades are you using? Car racers at times look for ways to soften the tires to help them grip the track. IP: Logged. I have brand new soft American racer tires. Will the 59.95 tire groovers on Ebay do the trick? Our track is going to make this a spec tire. What is a good pattern to start with for our dry slick track. is an educational website that focuses on teaching and showing racers and race car enthusiasts how to work on and how to improve their cars and racing program. Industry professionals, top companies, and racing legends pass their knowledge onto you with instructional informative videos and tech columns. Free shipping. We have run both tires and don't really have a preference other than one is more accessible than the other one. Watch. what pressures do you run?

No mixing of rules on B-Mods.